The Choice to Stay

By Jerusha Dressel

Waiting for hope to arrive is maybe one of the most difficult things. Trusting that one day relief will shine on the horizon and there will be a visible finish line to the race you have been running is one of the most challenging tests of faith. To still believe in the light when all you can recall are memories of darkness, that is faith.

To trust in the hope of the light when the horrors of the darkness engulf your life, that is faith.

Hope, what strange concept is this? Is it an emotion or an action? Is it the belief inside that good things are ahead or a leap of faith into a scary unknown that trusts that strength will be found when it’s needed?

Sometimes hope is found not in rays of sunshine or in the chirping of birds. Sometimes hope is found in the thundering storm clouds or the roaring wind.

Hope is sometimes just as much inaction as action. When you’re shaking in despair on the floor and life is endlessly spinning around you in chaos, Hope is the choice not to reach for something to dull the pain. When depression and panic hit you in the middle of the day and you’re not sure where you will find the strength for the next hour, Hope is the decision not to leave, but to stay and trust that God will be faithful.

Hope is the choice to try, to get out of bed and go to school because maybe today you will have the courage. Hope is walking into class with a tear-stained face despite the scornful looks because hiding and avoiding are not living.

Hope is not letting past failures and mistakes in relationships keep you from trying to make a friend again and giving yourself permission to love again after your heart has been broken.

And when you find yourself once again lying helpless in the midst of failures of your own making, it is bravery that says ‘maybe tomorrow will be better.’

Hope is a choice to stay.

When we are climbing the mountain of life, the path becomes steep and treacherous, and our weary legs cannot continue on, Hope flies ahead on the horizon. Her song tells of the beauties that wait ahead. The shadows are long and Hope is often invisible, but if you listen well, you might just hear her song.

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  1. hope

    this is incredible and i am thrilled to share it if that’s ok?

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